St. Mary’s College Kisubi | SMACK

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St. Mary’s College Kisubi | SMACK is a boys-only boarding middle and high school located in Wakiso District in Central Uganda.

smack_2The school is situated on a campus at Kisubi, approximately 27 kilometres (17 mi), by road, south of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.  This location is approximately 16 kilometres (9.9 mi), by road, north of Entebbe International Airport, the main civilian and military airport in Uganda.
St. Mary’s College Kisubi  | SMACK is among the most prestigious schools in Uganda, owing to its excellent academic performance. The school offers education that encourages independent thinking and development. The school attracts hundreds of students for senior one and senior five because of a good learning environment, academic success, quality teaching and value for money fees.

smack_1St. Mary’s College Kisubi | SMACK has a culture of very serious academic work characterized by effective teaching, regular tests, student discussions, debates, assignments and seminars. Results from regular tests are available for parents to assess the academic performance/progress of their children.

St. Mary’s College Kisubi offers education, which enhances the potential for employ-ability. There is belief in preparing students for the world of work. The availability and quality of education on offer to students is excellent.