Entebbe Junior Primary School

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Entebbe Junior Primary School was started by Captain Darlington and Rose Omamteker. The school in 2000 to provide quality and affordable education for the Entebbe community. It is a private, non-profit school of 457 students in grades nursery through primary 7.

Entebbe Junior Primary School has 12 classrooms, and is staffed by 20 teachers. Annual fees for day scholars are 150,000 shillings (about $70) for nursery students and 210,000 shillings (about $98) for primary students. Nursery and Primary boarders are charged 340,000 shillings (about $160) and 395,000 shillings ($184) respectively. Fees cover wages, utilities, and maintenance, but there are inadequate funds to meet all of the school’s challenges.

Entebbe Junior Primary School needs to add to its library, provide more computers for training in modern technology, build staff accommodations, and reduce expenses for utilities. In addition, the school would like to be able to take in more disadvantaged children. Despite these difficulties, Head Teacher Julius Otheino looks forward to addressing the school’s needs.

The school has hopes to construct a nursery building in addition to staff quarters, building a water harvesting system, and one day a swimming pool too. P.O. Box 588 Entebbe, Central Region Uganda