Virtual University of Uganda | VUU

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Virtual University of Uganda | VUU is fully licenced by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education. As the first online university in the region, we are proud to be part of the technological revolution in tertiary education.

Virtual University of Uganda aims to bring premier learning resources to professionals in the fields of public health and international development who wish to obtain a postgraduate qualification without having to take time off work or travel to an outside country.

The University staff are experienced academicians who are recruited locally, regionally, and internationally. VUU programmes are accessed through our dedicated learning platform (Moodle) hosted by Stoas Learning in The Netherlands. The Vast Open Access Digital Library is available to staff, students, and the general public 24/7.

As a private-not-for-profit institution, Virtual University of Uganda’s mission of the Virtual University of Uganda is to achieve excellence in tertiary education provision through providing quality programmes of the highest standards to students who will contribute to positive development in society.

Application Process

Gather information
Complete the online application form
Submit payment
What’s next; The university will acknowledge receipt of your application.
If you qualify for admission, you will receive an invitation to take the university Graduate Admission Test (additional fees apply). You must pass this test to qualify for registration.


PG Diploma / Master Public Health
PG Diploma / Master International Development
PG Diploma / Master ICTs for Development
PG Diploma / Business Administration / Executive MBA